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Investment Strategy

Our ambition is to be the investment provider of choice by earning the trust and confidence of our clients.

“Our investment Strategy revolves around two key aspects: aiming for capital protection and generation of positive returns.”

Our investment Strategy is grounded in the time-tested principles of identifying growth opportunities, buying them at reasonable prices and being proactive in dealing with macroeconomic changes.

Our Strategic inclination is for compounding opportunities that investors can take advantage of, for a superior compounding of their capital. This purpose is intricately linked to:

  • A stringent buying discipline based on intrinsic value derived,
  • vigilant tracking of a predefined universe through investment processes and
  • Adopting a proactive approach to recognize trends, themes and triggers in a rapidly evolving macroeconomic scenario.


Investment Approach

Given the dynamic nature of the Pakistani market and diversity of sectors and companies, Faysal Funds(Faysal Asset Management Limited) believes that successful investing depends on:

  • An accurate understanding of the global/local dynamics impacting the country,
  • A thorough understanding of company fundamentals, and
  • An actively managed portfolio approach which leverages on global and domestic macro events, as well as thematic, event-based and bottom-up value-based investing inputs