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Plan Objective

The “Faysal Special Savings Plan-I (FSSP-I)” is a perpetual Allocation Plan under “Faysal Special Savings Fund” with an objective to earn competitive return with capital protection for unit holders who retain their investment in the Plan for a period of Twenty Four (24) months or more from date of their investments in the Plan.

Brief Terms of FSSF are presented below

Fund Name Faysal Special Savings Fund
Plan Name Faysal Special Savings Plan-I
Fund Type Capital Protected Scheme
Pricing Mechanism Forward Pricing
Category Capital Protected Scheme
Tenure Prepetual
Management Fee Up to 1% p.a.
Minimum Investment PKR 5,000/-
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC)
Front end Load Up to 2% p.a.
Backend / Contingent Load Not Applicable
Risk Profile Medium
Benchmark Average of 6 Months PKRV Rates.
Legal Advisor Mohsin Tayebaly & Co.
Auditor A.F Ferguson, Chartered Accountant

Key Benefits

Professional Management of your savings
Capital Protection those investor retain their investments 24 months
Investors who are looking for Competitive and stable returns
Perfect investment avenue to invest your short term Savings
No- Lock-in period, withdraw investment at any point without any penalty
Easy Online redemption & Conversion Facility Available
Maximum preservation of principal investment resulting in lower risk
Avail tax credit as per section 62 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faysal Special Savings Fund Strategy

The Strategy of the Faysal Special Saving Plan I is to meet the liquidity needs of the investors through earning a competitive return by investing in high quality Money Market Instruments and providing capital protection to investor for holding investment for 24 months. FSSP-I aims to bring you stable and competitive returns by avoiding volatility of short term and long-term securities.

FSSP Term Sheet

Investment Committee

Mr. Khaldoon Bin Latif Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Faisal Ali Khan Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ayub Khuhro Chief Investment Officer
Syed Shahid Iqbal Head of Fixed Income
Mr. Umer Pervez Director Research
MMr. Imad Ansari Head of Risk
Mr. Khurram Salman Head of Compliance and Internal Audit (non-voting)