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Faysal Islamic Asset Allocation Fund

Raise the bar with Halal earnings

Funds Overview

The objective of Faysal Islamic Asset Allocation Fund (FIAAF) is to earn competitive riba free return by investing in various Shariah compliant asset classes/instruments based on the market outlook and may easily change allocation to take advantage of directional macro and micro economic trends and undervalued stocks.

Brief Terms of FIAAF are presented below

Fund Type Open Ended
Category Shariah Compliant Asset Allocation Scheme
Risk Profile Medium
Stability Rating 4-Star 1 year Ranking- by PACRA updated on 26-Sep-2017
Launch Date September 09, 2015
Custodian/Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC)
Auditor A.F.Ferguson & Co.
Management Fee Management Company shall be entitled to an accrued
remuneration equal to an amount not exceeding
2% of Average Annual Net Assets, with
in allowed expense ratio limit.
Front end Load Up to 3% of NAV
Back end Load Nil
Min Subscription PKR.5,000/-
Benchmark KMI- 30 Index/6M Deposit rate for A & above rated Islamic Banks
Pricing Mechanism Forward
AMC Rating AM2 VIS)

Key Benefits

Earn Riba free –Halal returns
No minimum holding period for investors
Open end fund structure - ease of entry & exit (in part or whole)
Proactive portfolio rebalancing to harness optimal asset allocation among equity, fixed income & money market asset classes
Opportunity to track escalating equity market returns in times of rapidly growing economy
Portfolio engineered to manage risk while maintaining liquidity
Encashment without any plenty
Start your investment as low as Rs.5000/-
Hassle free portfolio diversification through a single investment scheme
Avail tax benefits as per section 62 income tax ordinance 2001

FIAAF Performance

Year Dividend Payout Fund's Annual Yield Benchmark's Annual Yield
FY 2015-16 Nil -4.02% 14.45%
FY 2016-17 18.50% 23.04% 15.40%

Investment Objective & Strategy

In line with its investment objectives, funds will be invested in Sukuks, Shariah Compliant Participation Term Certificates, Certificates of Investment, Bank Deposits, Placement of funds under Mudarabah, Murabaha and Musharikah, Istisna’a and Ijara arrangements and any other securities or instruments that may be permitted by the Commission and the Shariah Council.

Investment Committee

Mr. Khaldoon Bin Latif Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ayub Khuhro Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Faisal Ali Khan CFO and Company Secretary
Syed Shahid Iqbal Sr. Fund Specialist - Fixed Income
Mr. Mustajab Alam Fund Manager
Mr. Muhammad Akbar Latif Khan Head of Research
Mr. Khurram Salman Head of Compliance and Internal Audit
Mr. Mohammad Qasim Head of Risk Management