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Faysal Asset Allocation Fund

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Funds Overview

Faysal Asset Allocation Fund (FAAF) endeavors to provide investors with an opportunity to earn long-term capital appreciation optimizing through broad mix of asset classes encompassing equity, fixed income & money market instruments.

Brief Terms of FAAF are presented below

Fund Type Open Ended
Category Asset Allocation Scheme
Tenure Prepetual
Risk Profile High
Launch Date July 24, 2006
Benchmark Weighted Average of KSE 100 Index and 6
Month KIBOR rates and 70% three (3) months
PKRV rates + 30% three (3) months average
deposit rate of three (3) AA rated scheduled
Banks as selected by MUFAP on the basis of
actual proportion held by the scheme.
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Management Fee Management Company shall be entitled to an
accrued remuneration equal to an amount not
exceeding 3% of Average Annual Net Assets,
within allowed expense ratio limit.
Front end Load Up to 3% of NAV
Back end Load Nil
Minimum Investment PKR 5,000/-
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan
Auditor A. F. Ferguson & Co.
Legal Advisor Mohsin Tayebaly & Co.
NTN 2798419-2

All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Documents to understand the investment policies,
risks involved and tax implications. Performance data does not include cost incurred by investor in the form of sales load. All returns/figures are annualized, net of sales load and all fees including management fee

Key Benefits

Proactive portfolio rebalancing among equity, fixed income & money market asset classes
Portfolio engineered to manage risk while maintaining liquidity
Invest with as low as PKR 5,000/-
Opportunity to track escalating equity market returns in times of rapidly growing economy
Encashment without any penalty

FAAF Performance

Year Fund's Annual Yield Benchmark's Annual Yield
FY 2006-07 23.52% 37.87%
FY 2007-08 -10.48% -10.77%
FY 2008-09 -38.30% -41.72%
FY 2009-10 30.70% 24.07%
FY 2010-11 20.58% 20.20%
FY 2011-12 -0.02% 11.62%
FY 2012-13 20.26% 34.43%
FY 2013-14 17.01% 30.21%
FY 2014-15 16.16% 13.44%
FY 2015-16 -2.46% 9.14%
FY 2016-17 4.67% 20.73%
FY2018-19 -20.96% -7.32%
FY2019-20 10.78%
FY 2020-21 92.39% 34.00%
FY 2020-21 -24.59% -8.67%

Investment Objective & Strategy

Using a forward looking approach, Faysal Funds(Faysal Asset Management Limited) shall diligently scrutinize each asset class and proactively identify extraordinary investment opportunities amongst undervalued securities, arbitrage situations, trends in business cycles; and other options that may arise to increase and enrich value for the investor. In order to provide maximum confidence to the investors, the Fund’s portfolio will be engineered to manage risk while maintaining liquidity. The ultimate objective is to improve returns when markets are positive and conserve capital when uncertainty is pre-empted by the Fund Manager.

Investment Committee

Mr. Khaldoon Bin Latif Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Ayub Khuhro Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Faisal Ali Khan Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Khurram M. Arif, CFA Head of Equity
Mr. Mohammed Hunain, CFA Head of Research
Mr. Khurram Salman Head of Compliance and Internal Audit
Mr. Imad Ansari Head of Risk