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13% return on debt prompts Pakistan investors to shun equities
(9 August, 2019)
Cause of downturn of equity market
(18 October, 2017)
Note from Research
(04 October, 2017)
Note from Research
(20 September, 2017)
Note from Research
(23 August, 2017)
Investor's Note
(31 July, 2017)
Investor's Note
(28 July, 2017)
Investor's Note
(25 July, 2017)
Volatility at Local Equity Market
(June 30, 2017 )
Dysphoria of PSX EM entry
(June 13, 2017)
Bears chasing Bulls
(Jan 30, 2017)
Local & Global Dynamics of CY2016 ended
(Dec 30, 2016)
Pakistan Equity Index Outperforms Regional Peers
(Nov 30, 2016)
Prospects of inclusion of PSX in MSCI EM
(Nov 22, 2016)
Flash Note - Auto Sales Note
(February 12, 2012)
Flash Note - HUBCO Note
(November 20, 2012)
Flash Note - PTA sales term contract
(November 16, 2012)
Equity - OGDC
(August 28, 2012)
Equity - NML
(August 28, 2012)
Equity - HABSM
(August 06, 2012)
Equity - MTL
(July 04, 2012)

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