Dividend Announcement from Faysal Funds – Q3 FY09-10

FAML Maintains Strong Payout Trend: FIGF 8.00%, FSGF 8.00%

Karachi: April 26, 2010;Faysal Asset Management Limited (FAML) is pleased to announce that in a meeting held on April 24, 2010, the Board of Directors has approved cash/bonus dividend for the quarter ended March 31, 2010.

The interim payout has been announced at Rs.2.25/- per unit (2.25% of face value of Rs.100/-) for Faysal Income & Growth Fund (FIGF); and Rs.2.75/- per unit (2.75% of face value of Rs.100/-) for Faysal Savings Growth Fund (FSGF).

FAML continued its strong dividend paying history with Rs.8.00/- per unit paid out to the unit holders of both FIGF and FSGF respectively for the three quarters ending on March 31, 2010. FSGF is rated A(f) while FIGF maintains one of the highest credit quality ratings in the open-ended income funds of A+(f), both assigned by JCR-VIS.

FAML, rated AM2- (High Quality Management) by JCR-VIS, is a leading asset management company launched in 2003 bringing together the collective financial expertise and investment experience of Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf (IICG) with its extensive global fund management experience and Faysal Bank Limited, one of Pakistan's premier commercial banks.