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Who We Are


Faysal Asset Management (FAML) is an Investment Manager that delivers structured and customized professional investment solutions to its domestic and international clientele. Our endeavors are directed towards facilitating our clients with investing in multiple asset categories to diversify risk in a prudent manner, while capitalizing on the ever-shifting financial and real-economy dynamics within Pakistan as well as across international waters to generate that coveted investment alpha.
Operating out of Pakistan, Faysal Asset Management is the financial investment arm of the Faysal Group – sponsored by Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf, Ithmaar Bank of Bahrain, Dar Al-Maal Al-Islami Trust in Switzerland and Faysal Bank in Pakistan. The organization was setup in 2003 and has matured in a short span of time to command Assets under Management worth above PKR 10 billion.

Schemes Classifications

Each scheme has a set of permitted investment classifications that are used to maximize returns for the investor, along with a dedicated research team that specializes in associated asset classes. These categories have been assigned a maximum investment ceiling to ensure implementation of investment diversification.

Fixed Income Schemes

Fixed-Income schemes are premised on a capital-preservation strategy with permissible investments consisting of money market instruments, high-rated fixed income instruments, FI placements and local and international bonds of high credit quality. The balanced categories expand further into ETFs, domestic equities and international equities.

Portfolio Services

Apart from structured products, Faysal Asset Management offers Discretionary Portfolio Services where clients receive customized advisory and investment solutions with investor-specific Investment Policy Statements governing respective investment strategies (return, risks, constraints etc.).

Investment Strategies

Each client selects one of three investment strategies with pre-established multi-asset class investment limits. Within these limits, the client has the option to either opt for an optimal investment strategy or define a customized portfolio mix. The client will have the option to switch between the optimal portfolio (as prescribed by the firm) and the customized portfolio.

Investment Categories

The three investment categories are based on the client’s risk appetite, namely (i) Low Risk (ii) Medium Risk and (iii) High Risk. Each category has a set of permitted investment vehicles that can be used to generate return for the investor. Investment vehicles within each category have been assigned a maximum investment ceiling to ensure implementation of investment diversification.

The Low Risk category is premised on a capital protected investment strategy with investment vehicles limited to money market instruments, high-rated fixed income instruments, local equities and capital protected mutual funds. The Medium Risk category expands into derivatives, international equities and FI placements. The High Risk category broadens its scope further by encompassing collateralized derivatives, foreign currency trading and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).