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Faysal Balanced Growth Fund

Funds Overview

Faysal Balanced Growth Fund (FBGF) is an open-ended mutual fund. The units of FBGF are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and were initially offered to the public on April 19, 2004. FBGF seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation with a conservative risk profile and a medium to long-term investment horizon. FBGF’s investment philosophy is to provide stable returns by investing in a portfolio balanced between equities and fixed income instruments.

Brief Terms of FBGF are presented below

Fund Type Open Ended
Category Balanced
Tenor: Perpetual
Managed By Faysal Asset Management Limited (FAML)
Inception Date April 19, 2004
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan (CDC)
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Governing Body Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Rating 2-Star (1 year Ranking)
2-Star (3 year Ranking)
2-Star (5 year Ranking)
by PACRA updated on 26-Sep-2017
Front end Load Up to 3% of NAV
Auditor EY Ford Rhodes

Key Benefits

Experienced professionals with the necessary expertise to manage your money on your behalf.
You can start investing with as little as Rs. 5,000/-
FBGF is an open-end fund, which means that you may invest and withdraw your investment at your convenience
Your funds are invested in a broad range of sectors and securities, diversifying the portfolio and therefore reducing risk.
Avail Tax Credit benefits as per section 62 income tax ordinance 2001

FBGF Performance

Year Dividend Payout Fund's Annual Yield Benchmark's Annual Yield
FY 2004-05 12.50% 14.7% 41.12%
FY 2005-06 26.00% 25.86% 34.08%
FY 2006-07 18.00% 21.16% 37.87%
FY 2007-08 3.40% -0.09% -2.49%
FY 2008-09 Nil -24.00% -16.43%
FY 2009-10 27.00% 21.99% 24.38%
FY 2010-11 09.55% 09.98% 20.84%
FY 2011-12 NIL -4.69% 11.59%
FY 2012-13 10.85% 19.15% 30.70%
FY 2013-14 7.50% 14.69% 23.53%
FY 2014-15 10.00% 19.83% 12.42%
FY 2015-16 4.40% 7.39% 8.60%
FY 2016-17 Nil 14.30% 17.32%

Investment Objective & Strategy

Net assets ranging between 30% and 70% shall remain invested in listed equity securites, primarily in liquid shares. Rest of the net assets of the fund value will be invested in Fixed Income Securities including money market instruments.

Investment Committee

Mr. Razi Ur Rahman Khan CEO
Mr. Ayub Khuhro CIO
Mr. Furqan Miriwala Head of Compliance & Internal Audit (Non-voting)
Mr. Syed Shahid Iqbal SR. Fund Specialist - Fixed Income

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