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Economic Outlook

Research Note - South Asian Currency Conundrum
(June 11, 2013)
Research Note - FAML Research - Budget Synopsis
Research Note - Post CPI May 2013
(June 04 2013)
Research Note - Pre CPI May 2013
(May 30 2013)
Research Note - The Way Forward
(May 15, 2013)
Research Note - Pakistan Elections 2013
(May 13, 2013)
Research Note - Pre April CPI 2013
(April 26, 2013)
Research Note - April 2013 MPS
(April 12, 2013)
Research Note - Widening TD + Slower Remittance = External Crisis
(April 12, 2013))
Research Note - March 2013 Post CPI
(April 02, 2013)
Research Note - Remittance mitigates CA crisis
(March 13, 2013)
Research Note - February 2013 Post CPI
(March 04, 2013)
Research Note - February 2013 MPS
(February 08 2013)

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